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Candy Free Easter Basket!

Unless you count fruit snacks, which I don't ;)

Little Sleepies Jammies

Hear me out. Woke company. Don’t like giving them my money. But they’ve been the softest and stretchiest quality jammies I can find that have worked for my little chunk! Lots of patterns and styles, but I love the “Zippy” kind, because they have the flip over feet.

Cloud of Witnesses

You can’t go wrong with Katie Warner books. You just can’t.

Easter Morning Wooden Magnets

Shining Light Dolls are another win here. He loves the saint pack we have, so the Easter morning pack is sure to be a hit!

Aldi Fruit Snacks

Don’t at me. They say they’re organic, and they taste delicious, and they’re NOT candy so they’re going in ;)

What’s going in your kiddo’s Easter baskets? Leave me a note below!

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